Keep track with the app

and customize their meal, with no need for admins to spend time building a menu

Empower employees to create their own group orders

Using their allowance or their own funds 

employees can pay in full or top up the difference to choose their favourite meal

featuring the employee’s name and exact order details

Each meal is packaged with a personalized label

Maximize your budget with team-subsidized meals

The Platterz app takes care of tracking all orders, sending reminders to participants on Slack, and requesting valuable feedback on each meal.

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Keep fueling local businesses

We partner with the best food providers in every city. Every team we feed helps our partners keep thriving in uncertain times.

Feed your team well with customized ordering

by selecting a restaurant or caterer and meal options employees can customize based on their dietary preferences

Reserve a group order in seconds

with contactless delivery and shelving service for easy pick up and distribution

Receive individually packaged meals

employees are sent a notification to opt-in and a reminder before the food arrives

Easily invite people by groups

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Individually packaged meals for the team

The safest, easiest way to feed your in-office employees, while supporting local businesses.

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