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Monthly culture plans

Elevate your team's culture initiatives with approachable activities that get everyone moving, thinking, and growing together.

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Quarterly culture plans

Option 1 | Thrive

This quarterly plan has been curated to enhance employee wellbeing, productivity and collaboration. 

  • 2 Weekly Fitness Classes
  • Weekly Learning & Development Sessions
  • Weekly Stress Reduction Sessions
  • Monthly Arts & Entertainment Session
Female coworkers participating in a learning and development session by Thriver

Help your team grow and develop by investing in an approachable quarterly plan curated by organizational psychologists.

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1 Day Event

Enjoy a day of perfectly curated activities that will move, challenge, motivate, and celebrate your team.

Male HIIT instructor hosting a virtual experience for employees

3 Day Event

End the year with a weeklong virtual celebration with fun, unique, and engaging activities to get in the party spirit.

Woman working from a coffee shop and participating in a virtual experience powered by Thriver

Option 2 | Grow

This quarterly plan is designed to enhance employee workplace experience by promoting health, development and fun. 

  • Weekly Fitness Class 
  • 2 Learning & Development Sessions 
  • Monthly Arts & Entertainment Session
Young man booking his fitness classes sponsored by his employer through Thriver

Option 1 | Uplift

This monthly plan includes activities focused on physical, mental and professional development to help your team reach their full potential.

  • 2 Weekly Fitness Classes 
  • Weekly Meditation & Mindfulness Session
  • Weekly Learning & Development Session 
  • Monthly Arts & Entertainment Session
HR Manager building the culture plan for her team with Thriver, planning a curated month of activities to strengthen workplace culture

Option 2 | Elevate

This monthly plan has been curated with the perfect balance for a busy team that values a strong workplace culture.

  • Weekly Fitness Class 
  • 2 Learning & Development Sessions 
  • Monthly Arts & Entertainment Session



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